Eight US patents available for license. Inventor seeks a marketing agent.

6,123,162  A power hand truck has both a lifting platform and stair climbing ability. This labor saving product has the potential for significantly reducing personal injuries.

5,717,391 Traffic safety is improved by an electric device for determining which driver had the right of way at a controlled intersection.

5,704,077 --  An inexpensive device that, when attached to a common toilet, provides all the hygiene conveniences of a bidet, including cold and hot water.

5,690,061 -- A new gas water heater design prevents accidental heater explosions and has the potential for significant reduction in injuries and property damage.

5,664,645 A shopping cart with a patented wheel bearing will not run away in a parking lot. Prevents forty plus millions of dollars per year in vehicle damage claims.

5,564,378 Small, rope-started gasoline engines injure many people each year when the starting rope suddenly recoils. These problems are solved by the patented invention.

5,633,459 Auto repair shops can use this patented hand tool to detect the condition and effectiveness of piston rings without disassembling an engine.

4,858,942 Now, a bicycle that provides full body exercise! Outdoor use prevents boredom associated with conventional exercisers.

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