Recreational Vehicle Holding Tank Flushing System

The Problem

After continued use of RV sewage tanks, sediment builds on the walls and in the corners.  The odor from this residue wafts Into the living areas.


The Recreational Vehicle Holding Tank Flushing System uses high pressure water spray from a rotating nozzle to fully clean the sewage tank. A patented water-hammer-mechanism entraps clean water, air-pressurizes it and releases it through a series of pipes into the tank.

Special Features

* Check valve prevents backflow of contaminated water into the clean water supply.
* Drainage plug for easy cleaning of the flushing system.
* Rotating spray head reaches all areas inside the tank.


* No need for chemicals
* Can be installed during construction of new units or retrofitted.

Contact: Norman Sayce
Phone: 800-508-2873 or 727-527-5853

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