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Hiring a patent agent or attorney to prepare and prosecute your patent application is an important decision. It should not be made solely on the basis of advertising messages, such as this web site. You should consult with a qualified patent practitioner about the particulars of your case before committing any money to getting patent protection. In my practice, nearly half of initial consultations end with a recommendation that patent protection is not appropriate.

Please note that reading the material on this web site does not establish a professional relationship between you and David Kiewit, who is a Registered US patent agent and the author of these pages.

Patent Law

Basic information on patents (with a particular emphasis on US patent law) is presented on this site as an information service to inventors. This is not a complete presentation of the subject, nor should it be considered as providing an accurate answer to any particular question or concern. Patent law is a large, complex, and changing field. Questions as to how the relevant laws and regulations impact any individual's specific concern are beyond the scope of this web site.

Web site Temperature

This is not a cool site. Most of the information presented here is inherently textual. Some of the text may be chilling and unpleasant, because product development is a high risk, high payout game in which most initial steps lead to failure. Maybe we can call this a COLD site rather than a cool one.

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