Ratecard of Minimum Fees

A firm fixed price quote is available for most services

Pre-filing Services 

Minimum fee

Initial Consultations 
One half hour review of invention disclosure - covers most cases 

Extended review of complex cases 

No charge. 

Individually quoted

Novelty search and patentability opinion
 Computer and chemical searches are higher.



US Patent Proceedings

Minimum fee

New Utility patent application -- fixed price quote always available
*Most mechanical cases are $2800 to $3500 (see another page for what else is involved)
*Most electrical and computer cases are $3000 -4500.
Fees to the Patent and Trademark Office and drawing costs are extra.


Continuing or divisional Utility patent application
Fees to the Patent and Trademark Office and costs for drawings are extra..


Provisional application  
Minimum fee is ONLY available for inventor-written cases that can be filed nearly verbatim.

Most cases are substantially above the minimum fee.


Design patent application
Fees for the all-important drawings are not included and are set by the drafter.


Amend application and negotiate with USPTO examiner
Utility application 

Design application 



Appeal rejected application to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board 


Formal, non-substantive responses 
e.g., prepare papers for issue fee payment 
Most cases at minimum fee.


Prepare a petition 

Many petitions are complex and more expensive


Record assignment of patent or application 
includes PTO fee 


International Patent Proceedings

Minimum fee

Filing an application equivalent to an earlier US application (official fees not included) 
As an initial PCT application ("Request" under Chapter I) 

File a national application in another country
does not include local attorney's fees (commonly higher) or foreign patent office fees



Filing an original PCT application not equivalent to an earlier US filing 


Ratecard effective December 1, 2016
Documents and other disbursements charged at actual cost + 5% 
Search  fees are prepaid 
Application preparation has a 50% retainer fee at outset 
Other fees are net 30 
Interest at 0.63%/mo (7.5%/yr) charged after 60 days.


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